What is Divine Canine Doggy Daycare?

Divine Canine Doggy daycare can best be explained
as a short-term boarding service for dogs. Usually
dogs will stay for a full day or half a day (up to 5 hours),
being dropped off in the morning and collected in the
evening, although care of just a few hours at a time
may also be offered.
Divine Canine differs from kennels and boarding
facilities in that the focus of the centre is on play,
activity, exercise, and keeping the dogs entertained, rather than simply providing accommodation. The dogs are allowed free access to the daycare and kennels are not used.

How does it work?

You will be invited to bring your dog along to Divine Canine before
you wish to book them in, so that your dog can meet me, see the
environment and be assessed for suitability. You will also have to
provide evidence of your dog’s vaccinations and health records.
If your dog is prone to aggression or unpredictability the chances
are that they will not be a good candidate for doggy daycare, and
will usually be refused a place.
Once both you, your dog and I are all happy to go ahead your dog
will be enrolled within Divine Canine and you can arrange your
future bookings when it suits you. You may book your dog in well in advance, or set up a regular schedule for care during your working hours, or you may be able to phone up and take your dog in on short notice if there is an available space.